ben, you are probably the only one who will ever read this, so hi.

12/29, 11:00 pm
this is a picture of my dad wearing a tiny sailor hat.

this is a picture of an exhibition I saw the other day. it was purty.

12/30, 5:30 pm
I bought this wallet yesterday. it has whales on it.

9:40 pm

1/4, 3:00 pm

mount chuckmore

1/11, 11:00 pm
I came home today only to find a ceramic revolver on the table. why would anyone have a ceramic revolver?

1/21, 10:00 pm
dear diary, I feel sad. sincerely, elizabeth

1/23, 11:52 am
I had to call 10 people this morning. my stomach hurts.

2/12, 3:43 pm
boy, I'm terrible at this.
happy lincoln's birthday.

2/13, 1:30 pm