a narwhal is not a walrus

A narwhal is not a walrus.

1.) Narwhals are cooler than walruses.
2.) Narwhals are of the order cetacea (whales), and walruses are blood-thirsty carnivores.
3.) Narwhals typically have one tusk; walruses have two because they are compensating for something.
4.) Narwhals always appear to be smiling; walruses look like pervy old men.
5.) A narwhal is featured on this coat of arms; walruses are featured on no coats of arms.

6.) In a battle between a narwhal and a walrus, a narwhal would surely triumph. Narwhals take shit from no one.
7.) The gestation period of a walrus is 15 to 16 months. The gestation period of a narwhal is 14 months. TAKE THAT, WALRUS!