Clown College Curriculum

First Year




CLW 100: Intro to Clownology Arts

CLW 102: Clowns from Around the World

CLW 106: Circus Peanuts are Not Enough: Managing Your Clown Career

CLW 108: My Body, My Face: Introduction to Clown Cosmetics




CLW 202: A Survey of Clowns Throughout the Ages

CLW 204: Composition I: Circus Music

CLW 206: Juggling I

CLW 208: Things on Fire

CLW 210: Early Twentieth Century Clowns in Film, 1920-1940

CLW 211: Intro to Mimeology

CLW 212: Funny Dog Costumes

CLW 214: How to Fit Into a Tiny Car

CLW 216: Clowning: Drama, Without the Fourth Wall


Second Year




CLW 300: Your Shoes and You: Wearing Clown Shoes

CLW 301: Intermediate Clown Cosmetics

CLW 302: Clowns in Nineteenth-Century French Art

CLW 304: “Where Did THAT Come From?”: The Fine Art of Hiding Scarves




CLW 305: Birthday Parties OR County Fairs OR Rodeos (varies by semester)

CLW 306: Seminar: Marcel Marceau

CLW 308: Juggling II

CLW 310: Riding a Unicycle

CLW 312: Is a Sucker Born Every Minute?: The Life and Times of PT Barnum

CLW 314: The Humane Clown

CLW 330: Clowns Leave a Big Footprint: Reducing Your Ecological Impact

CLW 335: Advanced Mimeology

CLW 340: Composition II: Playing Funny Instruments

CLW 345: The Rich History of Clowns


All students must participate in an internship at a clownology accedited institution.